States of the World: Free Game Boards, Rules 日本語の説明もある, and Flags (all PDF)

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All the rules (English and 日本語), game boards (PDF) for Europe, Asia, Japan, USA, map keys, and flags are here. The Africa set is freely available from the RESOURCES page. The PDFs can be printed out, laminated, and taped together to make a 46 cm game board. Or you can save yourself the trouble and order a professionally made board directly by using the contact form on this site. The flag cards should be cut out and randomized before use.



All of the downloads from this site are in PDF format. An additional high resolution (5400×5400 px) map board is provided in png format.  If you find any errors in the materials let me know and I’ll send you a corrected version. You can also order factory-made country cards through the contact form on this site. The cost will depend on the size of the order. We have standard linen (310 gsm) and high quality plastic playing cards as well as all game boards if you need them. I prefer the plastic cards and if you play bridge you’ll understand why. They are virtually indestructible, waterproof, shuffle nicely, and will last forever. If you are using the games with younger kids, get the plastic.

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1 review for States of the World: Free Game Boards, Rules 日本語の説明もある, and Flags (all PDF)

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