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Welcome to Compelling Games

Do not keep children to their studies by compulsion but by play. ( Plato)

Compelling Games is a collection of downloadable and shipped resources developed to provide intensive learning experiences in a fast-paced, enjoyable environment.

Downloadable items can be accessed from the ORDER RECEIVED page after checkout or from the MY ACCOUNT page. Also, the download link will be sent by email. To receive your order we only ask you to leave a first name and email address, but please include what country you are in.

The States of the World series of board and/or card games are excellent at getting students to rapidly incorporate large amounts of useful geographical data while honing strategic skills. The games are also a valuable resource for the ESL/EFL classroom as academic  vocabulary, ordinals, large numbers, and questions are extensively practiced.

The games and activities on this site were developed with the kind support of Mike’s House of English in Kitakyushu Japan.