States of the World

States of the World is a series of card games designed to improve basic geographical knowledge of several types including country names and locations, capitals, languages, nationalities and various physical, demographic, and economic data. Available sets: EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA, USA, JAPAN. Click on the cards below for a better view.

The games are also ideally suited for the ESL/EFL classroom focusing on; question/answer practice, number fluency, ordinals, comparatives, and an extensive geographical vocabulary.

Three different types of games can be played ranging from 5 to 30 minutes and 2 to 5 players. There is some element of luck (cards are drawn) but the games are essentially strategic as players make decisions each round in their attempt to fulfill the winning criteria. The games can be tailored to suit any level of geographical knowledge and can also be enjoyed by groups of mixed geographic and English abilities.

Click HERE or on the RESOURCES page above for full descriptions and downloadable versions of all the games. Physical cards (plastic or linen), game boards and pieces can be ordered via the CONTACT form.

Download all the game boards, flag cards, map keys and detailed rules and options for free from the RESOURCES page.

Available now: Africa (54 countries), Europe (45 countries), Asia (51 countries and regions), Japan (47 prefectures), USA (50 states, D.C., 2 commonwealths, 3 territories). Questions are slightly different for Japan and USA.
Coming soon: The Americas

You can also download the AFRICA set for free to get a sense of the quality of the materials.
Click on the map below for your free download of the Africa game.

These games were developed with the support of my employer Mike’s House of English.